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A Letter regarding re-opening

A letter from Bishop Marcus

Luncheon Vouchers Explained.

Am I eligible to receive Free School Meals for my child/children?

To receive lunch vouchers, your childs name needs to be on the Free School Meals list. To apply to be on the Free School Meals list please use this link to fill out the application… https://www.bradford.gov.uk/benefits/applying-for-benefits/free-school-meals/
During this time, they are dealing with a high volume of applications so please be patient if you don’t receive your confirmation email straight away, it will be in process.

How are the Vouchers sent out?
Each week we check the Free School Meals list online. Whoever is on that list will receive a voucher the following week. The email address the voucher will be sent to is the email address we have on file in our office. If you have changed your email address you need to call the school office and update your information. Our number is 01274 611 992. Equally you can email your new information to office@olsb.bradford.sch.uk The vouchers are ordered to be sent out on Monday morning each week. Due to high volumes of vouchers being processed at the same time this may arrive late. Please check your junk mail too as it may be there.

Once I receive my email, what do I do?
Edenred UK / hello@email.edenred.co.uk will email you each Monday. The email you are sent on Monday is not your voucher, you will need to click the “Redeem your ecode” link on the email or go to www.freeschoolmeals.co.uk There you can type in your ecode.
1. Click on ‘Redeem your eCode’
2. Enter the unique 16 digit eCode above and follow the simple security checks
3. Select your chosen supermarket and check out
4. Your eGift cards will arrive within 24 hours.
As with the vouchers, due to the high volume of parents redeeming their codes, the e-gift cards may take a while to come through. Again, keep checking your junk mail.

Many thanks


Critical Worker Update.

In light of the Government guidance changing from Key Worker to Critical Worker and amendments to the Critical Worker list, we now to need to ask you- is your specific work critical to the COVID-19 response?  You will be asked for shift details and your work contact details to confirm shifts if necessary.  Please remember that we have children of nurses who are working in A and E which puts your children at greater risk.  You must keep your child at home even if one parent cannot work due to this!!

The amended guidance now states that schools should have the fewest number of pupils/staff in attendance as possible and parents/carers should also do everything they can to ensure their children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus -they should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.

In order to ensure that we are only caring for the children whose parents work is critical to the COVID-19 response and they cannot keep their child safe at home, then these children will be prioritised for education provision. These essential roles should be confirmed by their employer and that their specific work is critical to the COVID-19 response. (This applies to all categories).

We have found that some employers have been very flexible in their approach to changes in shift patterns, working from home etc. The overarching principle from the guidance is that every child who can safely stay at home should.

If you have been notified that you can bring your child to school on Monday and believe that your role is still critical, please do so and we will contact employers to confirm. If you have had a change of circumstances and no longer require the emergency provision, please contact us on office@olsb.bradford.sch.uk.

Thank you


Headteacher’s welcome  


Welcome to our school website and thank you for taking the time to  visit us.  I hope that you find it both interesting and informative.   Our Lady and St Brendan’s is a Catholic, inclusive learning community with a highly dedicated team of staff, governors and families who give the best to all our children.  We like to collectively call ourselves 'Children's Champions' and we show our passion for this in ensuring that every child is treated as an individual created in God's own image.   With the help and encouragement of our champions, our children are encouraged to work hard to reach their personal goals using their unique God given talents.

Our beautiful grounds, which we are blessed with, provide our children with unprecedented opportunities for learning outside of our building. We pride ourselves on creating learning experiences which are forward thinking and innovate.  This ultimately ensures that our young people become the well-educated, free-thinking citizens of the future who are the Stewards of our Earth.

Don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself.  


Mrs J Morris - MEd, Dip SEN



Absence reporting

Please use this form to report your child/children as absent from school. Filling in this form will ensure that we are able to safeguard your child/children by not reporting them missing. If we do not hear from you, by phone or online form, we will call all numbers and then house visit to ensure the safety of the children.

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