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Our Lady & St Brendan's Catholic Primary School

"Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown." Prayer of St Brendan

Year 6 - St. Nicholas Class


Mr Cooper teaches the pupils in Year 6 supported by Mrs Midwood.


Spring Term


This term Year 6 are beginning boosters in preparation for our SATs in May. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning the children will come in early to revise Maths, Reading and SPaG. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we'll be providing that too!


Our English and Topic work will be closely linked this half-term by a fateful ship - the Titanic. The children will be reading two books; Kaspar - Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo and Story of the Titanic edited by Dr Eric Kentley. The story of Kaspar, a cat who finds himself on the Titanic's maiden voyage, has already captured the children's interest whilst Dr Kentley's book is an excellent piece of non-fiction, which will aid our comprehension of the history and geography of the boat and it's doomed journey. We will be using this information to write a piece of narrative from Kaspar's point of view. Mr Cooper can't wait to see the imaginative work that's produced.


Maths in Spring term will continue the children's work on number, expanding to include 7-digit numbers as well as placing them on number lines and rounding to the nearest million, hundred thousand and ten thousand! We will also be working with negative numbers, decimals, order of operations and introducing co-ordinates, statistics, measures and algebra! Year 6 are definitely going to be working hard this term!


We have already begun to look closely at Jesus as the Bread of Life in RE. We're paying close attention to how our spiritual needs are met and describing parts of Mass, as well as the reasons for certain actions and symbols.


Finally, our Science work in Spring term will be on Evolution and Inheritance. We've already spent a lot of time looking at what inheritance and adaptation mean, how adaptations occur (mainly through mutation, right Year 6?) and we've begun to look at Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution as well as the evidence he presented to prove his theory.


Thanks for taking time to read about what we're doing in St. Nicholas class. Come back soon for an update on what we're up to again! Parents, please remember to engage with us, celebrate our successes and keep updated with our latest news via the MarvellousMe! app.


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