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Our Lady & St Brendan's Catholic Primary School

"Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown." Prayer of St Brendan

Year 5  - St. Blaise Class


During Spring 1 in Year 5, we are looking at Biomes and in particular Tropical Rainforests. We will be looking into why an area is called a Tropical rainforest. We will be examining the Amazonian rainforest and the animals and tribes that live there. In addition, we will learn about our third major river of the year; the Amazon. By the end of the topic, the intention is that each child in the class will have designed and made their own diorama to explain all about the Amazon rainforest. We will also look at deforestation and see what effect it has had on the world and how people are trying to counter it. After topic, we will be moving onto Science and looking into how a human body changes over a life time. 



We have taken inspiration from our topic to use books centred around rainforests and forests, such as Running Wild, Jungle Book and The Promise. We are going to write a newspaper report based around the book The Promise. Running Wild and the Jungle Book should initiate some fantastic stories. Mr Taylor can’t wait to see what wonderful, imaginative writing is created.

In Spelling, we are concentrating on the common exception words, our target is that each child will learn at least 5 new words each week.



In Spring 1, we will continue the children's work on understanding and quick recall of multiplication and division facts. We will also be looking at multiplying and dividing numbers using a range of different written methods.  We will then begin our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. Year 5 are definitely going to be working hard this half term!



We are looking at inspirational Christian people, such as Mother Theresa, Eric Liddel, Father Damian and many more.