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Our Lady & St Brendan's Catholic Primary School

Our Stars


Friday 14th September 2018


EYFS: The whole class


Year 1: Finlay,Shanley and Gracie


Year 2: Zofia and Blessing


Year 3: Delilah and Kian


Year 4: Justin and Keyleigh


Year 5: Jacob and Ashton


Year 6: Ethan, Lucy and Shae



Violet (Y1)

Bailey (Y3)

Carson (Y5)

 Max (Y6)

Attendance ChallengeYear 2 with 98.33%






Friday 9th November 2018

EYFS: The whole class


Year 1: Jakan and Neveah


Year 2: Olivia and Scarlett


Year 3: Caley and Treasure


Year 4: Erin and Markuss


Year 5: Carson and Ebony


Year 6: Jamie Teagan and Kendrah



Tallulah (Y1)

Attendance ChallengeYear 3 with 98.89%